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IT & Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) Consulting

Specialized in scaling decentralized applications with Hyperledger technology for Enterprise-grade products. Whether you're going through an incubator, accelerator, or approaching your Series A – we can help!


Level up your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) strategy. Let's talk!


We know how to turn Low-fidelity and High-fidelity prototypes into UI components for Desktop, Browser, and Mobile applications.


Learn how we have leveraged Open Source technology for documentation, source control, CI/CD pipelines, and API management.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control can be automated using Open Source technology during your SDLC! We'll help you understand how to automate Product Development user stories.


Package and distribute your software! We'll teach you the importance of security and compliance when it comes to packaging and distributing software deliverables onto Cloud Native providers like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services!


A/B testing could make or break your product! We'll discuss how key performance indicators may be a value-add by using behavior analytics tools!

"Dont spend major time on minor things" – Jim Rohn